New Group Created - Mega Buds

Son of Hobbes

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May 2, 2019
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Son of Hobbes has created a new group called Mega Buds.

Mega Buds Web Site

You want big yields? You want big and bold genetics? Then you’re in the right place! We’ve developed some of the best yielding genetics in the business! So say goodbye to the short stuff!

It all began from the same place, a desire to get more out of doing what all cannabis enthusiasts love. Sitting in a bar in Amsterdam after the chaos of the 2014 Cannabis cup the founders of Mega Buds were talking about some of the great strains that had been on show. There were of course some disagreements on which had the better taste, high and smoothness etc. But one thing that came up time and time again was the yield of the varieties on offer; and how much you could get from most strains in general.Almost all breeders, right across the world will give you an idea of what you can get from a plant but even in near perfect conditions, they never quite live up to expectation. This got them thinking – Just how big can a normal grower get a cannabis plant, without sacrificing quality? From that simple question a breed of monsters was born.


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Psssst... @Son of Hobbes is there any Truth in the rumour that Mega Buds are going to be the First Sponsor for the HOTT Halloween Battle...?

@Steviestash is Promising cold hard cash or bitcoins if I can get him insider info so he can get in the queue first...:mossywiggle:...I won't tell anyone else...

I've Heard that have the Debut Run for Mega-buds in Individual Grow Diaries..they are Recruiting Now..but the First Battle starts on HOTT.

30th Oct to 20th April 2020.....#bethereifyoudare :hump:

Don't Worry...I'll only tell @Steviestash ...😋